Psychoanalytic Perspective on the development of ADHD
and other psychopathologies

Friday 29th February to Sunday 2nd March 2008

Friday February 29

09.00-17.00 h

Fellows Day (location: Sigmund-Freud-Institut)

I. Research Training Programme:
organized by Patrick Luyten, Leuven
Empirical Research Committee


II. Workshop on Conceptual Research:
organized by Rachel Blass, Essex
Conceptual Research Committee

18.00 h

Registration (location: Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität)
Introductory part: Open for public audience – Einführungsteil öffentlich

Chair: Anna Ursula Dreher, Frankfurt/Main

19.00-19.30 h

Ralph A. Lorz, State Secretary (HMWK), State of Hessen

Grußwort der J.W. Goethe-Universität Frankfurt/Main

Thomas Chalier, Frankfurter Psychoanalytisches Institut

Thomas Hüller, Institut für Analytische Kinder- und Jugendlichen-Psychotherapie, Frankfurt/Main

Rolf Haubl, J.W. Goethe-Universität Frankfurt/Main, SFI

Marianne Leuzinger-Bohleber, SFI, Chair: Conceptual Research Committee Frankfurt/Main


19.30-20.15 h

Attachment and early affect regulation
Bindung und Affektregulation
Peter Fonagy, London
Introductory lecture / Einführungsvortrag

20.15-20.40 h

Discussion: Gerd Lehmkuhl, Köln (English translation)

20.40-21.00 h

Discussion: Björn Salomonsson, Stockholm (German translation)

21.00-21.15 h

Questions from the audience / Fragen aus dem Publikum

21.15 h …

Reception / Empfang


Saturday March 1


Chairs: Tilmann Habermas, J.W. Goethe-Universität

09.00-09.45 h

Coping with children’s temperament
Zum Umgang mit dem Temperament von Kindern
William B. Carey, Philadelphia

09.45-10.15 h

Discussant: Jorge Canestri, Rom

10.15-10.45 h


10.45-11.15 h

Coffee Break

Chair: Imre Szecsödy, Stockholm

11.15-12.00 h

Motion and Meaning. Psychoanalytic therapy of so called AD/HD children
Motorik und Bedeutung. Psychoanalytische Therapie bei sogenannten AD/HS-Kindern
Adelheid Staufenberg, Frankfurt/Main

12.00-12.30 h

Discussant: Annette Streeck-Fischer, Tiefenbrunn
(from a clinical/empirical perspective)

12.30-13.00 h


13.00-14.00 h

Lunch (sandwiches will be served)

Poster Session
(application to IPA Research Committees)

14.00-16.30 h

Parallel Panels

I. Panel on clinical and conceptual research
Clinical and empirical papers to be submitted
Chair: from Empirical Subcommittee
Patrick Luyten, Leuven (
Chair: from Conceptual Subcommittee
Rachel Blass, Jerusalem (
Host Chair: Judith Vogel

II. Psychological and neurological researches in autistic spectrum disorders: challenging issues
organized by Paulo Duarte, Sao Paulo
Host Chair: Heinrich Deserno

III. Narcissistic disturbances: An approach to early psychic life. The organinization of addictive bonds.
organized by Susana Vinocour de Fischbein, Buenos Aires
Host Chairs: Tomas Plänkers

IV. Two psychoanalytic studies
Zwei psychoanalytische Studien (in Deutsch)
organized by Manfred Cierpka, Heidelberg (Presenter)
Comparison psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral/pharmacological treatments of AD/HD children
Luise Läzer et al.
Host Chair: Ulrich Bahrke

V. Panel on empirical psychoanalytic research on AD/HD
Panel zu Studien zu AD/HS (in Deutsch)
organized by Terje Neraal, Wettenberg,
Hans von Lüpke, Frankfurt/Main
Katamnestische Studie über die Wirksamkeit von Psychotherapie bei AD/HS
Anna Sant Unione, Wuppertal, Matthias Wildermuth, Herborn
Host Chairs: Sibylle Steuber, Manfred Gerspach, Darmstadt

VI. Panel on empirical psychoanalytic research on early development
organized by Nathan Szajnberg, Jerusalem
Host Chair: Kurt Grünberg

16.30-17.00 h

Coffee Break

Chairs: Susana Vinocour de Fischbein, Buenos Aires
Horst Kächele, Ulm

17.00-17.45 h

Neurobiological perspectives on AD/HD: fMRI studies
Neurobiologische Perspektiven zu AD/HS: fMRI Studien
Bradley Peterson, New York

17.45-18.15 h

Discussant: Mary Target, London

18.15-19.00 h



Sunday March 2

Chair: Rolf Sandell, Stockholm, Co-Chair for Europe of RAB (Research Advisory Board)


Psychoanalytic perspective on early disturbances
Clinical Paper: Early affect regulations and its disturbances: Approaching AD/HD in a psychoanalysis with a child and adult
Frühe Störungen: Psychoanalytische Perspektiven
Klinischer Beitrag: Frühe Affektregulation und ihre Störungen: Annäherungen an AD/HD in einer Psychoanalyse mit einem Kind und einem Erwachsenen
Marianne Leuzinger-Bohleber, Frankfurt/Main

09.45-10.30 h

Psychiatric perspective on early disturbances

Frühe Störungen: aus einer kinderpsychiatrischen Perspektive
(Diskussion des klinischen Beitrags)
Fritz Poustka, Frankfurt/Main

10.30-11.00 h

General Discussion

11.00-11.30 h

Coffee Break

Chair: Werner Bohleber, Frankfurt/Main, Co-Chair for Europe of RAB (Researach Advisory Board)

11.30-12.15 h

Logic, meaning and truth in psychoanalytic research
Logik, Bedeutung und Wahrheit in der psychoanalytischen Forschung
Charles Hanly, Toronto, President elect IPA

12.15-13.00 h

Research in psychoanalysis
Forschung in der Psychoanalyse
Statements: Jorge Canestri, Charles Hanly, Bradley Peterson, Rolf Sandell


Final discussion / Abschlussdiskussion

Farewell / Verabschiedung: Marianne Leuzinger-Bohleber,
Rolf Haubl